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CMS Manual System –

To properly bill, the provider assigns type of bill (TOB) 13X to all bills for
outpatient … covered outpatient services (type of bill 13X or 83X, and 85X). See:.

Transmittal 2971 –

May 23, 2014 … using modifier L1 on type of bill (TOB) 13X when seeking separate payment for
…. CAHs should bill TOB 85X for outpatient services (including …

CMS Manual System –

B claims, types of bills (TOBs) 12x, 13x, 14x,. 22x, 23x, 24x, 32x, 33x, 34x, 71x,
72x, 73x,. 74x, 75x, 76x, 81x, 82x, 83x, and 85x, into the. FI's system unless there

Medicare Hospital Manual –

Feb 23, 2001 … Section 452, Billing for Hospital Outpatient Partial Hospitalizaiton Services, …
equivalent) under bill type 13X and CAHs under bill type 85X.

CMS Manual System –

Mar 6, 2008 … 1/ Date for Adjustment Billing for SNF PPS Bills. D ….. When
the hospital submits a 13x or 85x bill for services furnished to a …

Medicare Claims Processing Manual –

hospital outpatient ABPM services billed on a 13X type of bill with HCPCS … 85x
type of bill as follows: (1) for CAHs that elected the Standard Method and billed.

Change Request 4243 – CMS

Feb 1, 2006 … place of 13X type for the billing of screening mammography, screening pelvic …
screening mammography, 13X, 14X, 22X, 23X and 85X for …

SE0622 –

Oct 1, 2012 … electronic equivalent, on outpatient claims (type of bill 13X, 85X) to signal a
change in patient status from inpatient to outpatient. Disclaimer.

MLN Matters Article MM7762 –

HCPCS code G0257 may only be reported on Type of Bill (TOB) 13X (hospital … (
hospital outpatient) or 85X (Critical Access Hospital) will be returned to you for …

Bulletin Number: xxxxxx – CMS

procedures to follow when a hospital bills for “facility charges” (overhead … types
13x or 85x with revenue code 0510 (clinic visit) when an E & M code in the …

CMS Manual System –

TOBs 13X, 76X and 85X for providers billing under the Outpatient Partial
Hospitalization. Program. FIs & FISS. 3194.3. FIs shall educate providers that as
of the.

CMS Manual System –

SUBJECT: Emergency Hospital Outpatient billing of Epotein Alfa (EPO) and …
HCPCS codes Q4054 and Q4055 can be billed on a 13X and 85X TOB for ESRD

MM8871 –

Apr 28, 2016 … sure your billing staffs are aware of these changes. …. may use types of bill (TOB)
13X, 71X, 77X, and 85X when submitting claims for HCV.

CMS Manual System –

procedure on the same date for the billing …. billing ASC for the same date of
service, also ….. covered outpatient services (type of bill 13X or 83X, and 85X).
See …

MM3925 –

Feb 11, 2013 … Providers must be certain to bill Types of Bills (TOB) 12X, 13X, 14X, 22X, 23X, …
76X, 81X, 82X, 83X, 85X correctly as clerical errors resulting in …

R3051CP – CMS

Aug 25, 2014 … August 25, 2014, to update bill types used for item “f” under FL 35 and 36 …. must
be present if the type of bill is 11X, 13X, 18X, or 83X or 85X. c.

CMS Manual System –

Jul 30, 2004 … Health Service hospitals, type of bill 13X and … hospital setting (types of bill (TOB
) 11x 13x, 83x, and 85x). The FI will look for the following …

CMS Manual System –

Oct 31, 2005 … Q4055 on the hospital outpatient claims (type of bill 13x) that requires the use of
the revenue …. 85x when submitted with EPO HCPCS J0886.

CMS Manual System –

that Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) billing a 14X TOB would be reimbursed
under the …. to bill types 12X and 13X that are submitted to the FI/AB MAC. …..
For CAH bill type 85X, the laboratory fees are paid at 101 percent of cost with no

CMS Manual System –

Jul 1, 2009 … 4/290.4.1/Billing and Payment for All Hospital Observation Services ….. When the
hospital submits a 13x or 85x bill for services furnished to a …